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2015 Crafter/Demonstrators


Crafters at Katy Days are chosen because they are talented and willing to demonstrate a heritage craft.  Many have items for sale as well – but please feel comfortable visiting with them and asking questions about their craft.     




Soaps and Weaving:  Lisa Johnson, Leap of Faith Soap Company, Elsmore, KS

Lisa has been at Katy Days many times and each time her display gets more interesting.   She explains how soap is made and sells her handcrafted, chemical free, artisanal goat milk soaps.  She also sells handspun yarns and dyed fibers.  https://www.facebook.com/caprinecorner/info

Quilting: Quilters' Guild of Parsons, Parsons, KS

Join the Quilters' Guild of Parsons as they demonstrate quilt tying. 

Natural Fiber Dyeing: Leslie Carroll and Jerry Bartlett, Nevada, MO

Leslie and Jerry do natural dyeing and spin yarn in the traditional way.  They will demonstrate dyeing wool over an open fire using natural dyes.

Hand Crafted Pottery – Bobbi Kemna, The Pot Pantry, Fort Scott, KS

Bobbi will be demonstrating how to make pottery crafted from hand – without the use of a potter’s wheel.  Interested visitors can get their hands “dirty” and give it a try!  She will also have many items for sale.

Wheat Weaving and Spinning – Felice & Clyde Goering, Mound Ridge, KS

Felice will demonstrate how wheat is woven and Clyde will demonstrate spinning.  They will have many  of their lovely items for sale including wall hangings, jewelry, Christmas ornaments.

Pendulum Lathe – John Olson, Parsons, KS

As a serious craftsman and lover of old tools and history, John is full of information about woodworking.  This year he will be demonstrating how a pendulum lathe works.

Wood Carving – Ernie Loganbill, Independence, KS

Long time wood carver, Ernie Loganbill, specializes in walking sticks and many other interesting items carved out of wood. 

Glasswork - Sam Moses, Fayetteville, AR

Sam hails from Fayetteville, but his roots are in Parsons as grandson of James and son of Mark Moses.  Sam's passion is glass.  He will have pendants and other items for sale inside the Arvon Phillips Recreation Center lobby and he is happy to take orders as well.

Watercolor Painting and Pottery - Alice Smith, Bella Vista, AR

Alice will demonstrate watercolor painting with a still-life setup and will have her pottery displayed as well.

Glass Art - Keith & Charlean Wilson, Parsons, KS

Keith and Charlean will demonstrate the making of the "World's Oldest Toy" - the marble.  Using modern methods, they will demonstrate making glass marbles by hand.  They will also display finished glass art and will have items for sale.

Felting - Carol Ann Parker, Freeman, MO

Turning wool into felt is a fascinating process.  Carol Ann will be demonstrating how it is done!

Upholstery - Mary Eastwood ("Here We Go Again" Upholstery), Fort Scott, KS

Mary's specialty is repurposing used furniture through upholstery.  She also does many other creative things with upholstery.

Knitting - Jessica Moss (J Baby's Pretties), Parsons, KS

Jessica is an amazing knitter and will have dish cloths, baby bibs, dish towels, and tissue holders on display and for sale.

Crochet - Lynda Johnson (My Oh! Mercantile), Parsons, KS

Lynda crochets and does may other creative things.  This is her first year at Katy Days.

Telegraphy - Caleb Reid, Parsons, KS

Working with telegraph equipment used in the Parsons MKT telegraph office, Caleb will be demonstrating how messages were sent using a system of dots and dashes to maintain communication between the train dispatcher, trains, and the rest of the rail system.

Rope Making - Roy Parsons, Parsons, KS

Roy has to win the award for the hardest working man at Katy Days (well, the Gandy Dancers might give him a run for his money...)  He has a hand-cranked rope-making machine and spends all day on Saturday helping children make a souvenir length of rope.  He is found at Kid's Crossing.

Pottery Making - Benjamin and Caleb Newton, Parsons, KS

Twin brothers, Benjamin and Caleb are in their third year demonstrating how to throw pots on a wheel.  They will be found at Kid's Crossing.

Monkey Organ - H.C. Beckman, Berryton, KS

Back once again, Mr. Beckman will serenade us with his hand-built and hand-cranked organ.  Normally located at the NE corner of the park, this year he will be located just east of the crafter's tents.

Automatic Accordion - Deane Shephard II, Kansas City, MO

Heard of a player piano?  Mr. Shepherd's automatic accordion is something similar, but he has to keep the air coming through for the sound to come out.  Enjoy him and Mr. Beckman as they whoop it up east of the crafter's tent.


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