Katy Days Heritage Crafters 2016

What distinguishes our heritage crafters? We look for artisans who practice traditional crafts or skills - and then ask them to explain what they do and demonstrate how they do it. So feel free to pull up a hay bale and ask away! Many will have items for sale as well.

Monkey Organ
H.C. Beckman
Topeka, KS

Mr. HC Beckman from Topeka will be entertaining festival-goers on Saturday with his hand crafted Monkey Organ. Calliope-like music emits from 70 organ pipes arranged in four distinct registers. In addition to the organ sounds, a 13-note glockenspiel is another feature of the instrument. It is 100% mechanical in nature, everything being operated off of air pressure produced by a hand-cranked triple bellows. The musical arrangements are controlled by a 26-note, perforated paper roll, which is similar to those used in player pianos. He will be playing all day Saturday and will give demonstrations as requested on how mechanical instruments work. And to top it off, he’s a great guy with whom to visit.

Hot Glass Marble Making
ChaGlaz - Keith and Charlean Wilson
Parsons, KS

Marbles are one of the world’s oldest toys. Using modern equipment, Keith and Charlean will make glass marbles. They will explain the total process of marble making and make 10-12 marbles throughout the day. They will also demonstrate a few other forms of hot glass work and will have items for sale.

Hand Carved & Tooled Leather
Original Creations - Michael McCall
Sarcoxie, MO

This is Michael’s second year at Katy Days. He will have a display of basic tools used in carving and tooling leather and also a couple of small displays of the actual stages in the process. He will also show different types of lacing techniques. Throughout the day he will be lacing an actual product and will have leather items available for sale. He and his wife will also have homemade soap and a variety of handmade doggy accessories for sale.

Tinsmithing & Coppersmithing
Robert Stone
Pea Ridge, AR

Mr. Stone will be demonstrating making tin and copperware using old-time machinery and tools by hand. He will start with flat sheets of tinplate or copper and turn them into cups, funnels, cookie cutters, candle holders and more. This is his first year at Katy Days and we are thrilled to have him.

My Oh! Mercantile - Lynda Johnson
Parsons, KS

Linda will demonstrate crocheting using various sizes of needs and types of yarns. She will show different items made by crocheting such as dishcloths to scarves to rugs, etc. She will also have items for sale.

Hats by Carol Ann - Carol Ann Parker
Freeman, MO

Carol will demonstrate the ancient art of feltmaking by making a wool-felted hat. She will display several examples of completed felted projects - and you may be surprise at what you see! Carol will not have items for sale.

Needlework - Tatting
Catherine Hannah
Cherryvale, KS

Tatting is a technique for handcrafting a particularly durable lace from a series of knots and loops. Tatting can be used to make lace edging as well as doilies, collars, accessories such as earrings and necklaces, and other decorative pieces. Catherine does it all and will have items for sale.

Quilters Guild of Parsons
Parsons, KS

Whet your quilting appetite with a view of what the Quilters Guild members will be demonstrating and then head over to the Arvon Phillips Recreation Center for the Quilt Show that will fill up the gymnasium with colorful quilts and more. Under the tent, quilters will have the Train/Hobo Quilt they have created as a fundraiser and will also be hand-tying a quilt.

Jessica Moss
J Baby’s Pretties
Parsons, KS

Knitting’s origins lie in the basic human need for clothing for protection against the elements. Nowadays it is more of a hobby than it is a necessary skill - but Jessica Moss is a talented knitter. Watch her work and enjoy her creativity in the dish cloths, baby bibs, dish towels and tissue holders she has on display and for sale.

Train Set Painting and More
John Hare
Gladstone, MO

John grew up in Parsons, but now plies his trade in the Kansas City area. He does wonderful paintings of many different subjects, but usually specializes in trains for the Katy Days weekend. Many of his train paintings can be “joined together” and mixed and matched. He will have items for sale and will also be demonstrating his process for painting. www.johnhareart.com

Watercolor Painting
Alice Smith
Bella Vista, AR

Visiting from Bella Vista, Arkansas, Alice Smith will demonstrate watercolor painting on paper, claybord, and canvas. Ms. Smith enjoys painting florals, the occasional still life, and abstracts. She feels photorealism is best left for photographs, and instead tries to find and express through watercolors a unique quality or spirit inherent in her subject matter. This is Alice’s third time to participate in Katy Days and we are very happy to have her.

1877 Barnes foot-powered mortising machine
John Olson
Parsons, KS

W. F. and John Barnes began building a full line of foot powered woodworking machines in 1868. In contrast to the hobby style machines produced by some companies, their machines were marketed for the three to five man production shop. In 1877 they patented their foot operated mortising machine. A mortiser forms a rectangular hole in a piece of wood into which a rectangular projection on the end of another piece is inserted forming a mortise and tenon joint. The Barnes 1877 mortising machine will be demonstrated at this year’s Katy Days.

Natural Wool Dyeing over wood fire
Leslie Carroll-Bartlett and Gerald Bartlett
Nevada, MO

Leslie and Jerry do natural dyeing and spin yarn in the traditional way in a pot over a wood-burning fire. This year they will demonstrate dying fabric, cotton and silk in an ancient Japanese technique creating beautiful designs on the fabric. They will also show Marino and Shetland wool yarn dyed for reds and blues.

Ernie Loganbill
Independence, KS

Ernie’s display will consist of approximately 75 Welsh love spoons, 8-10 walking sticks and some wooden chains. Ernie loves to do woodcarving but what he really loves is visiting with people. He’s been part of Katy Days for 3 or 4 years now!

Wheat Weaving and Spinning
Clyde & Felice Goering
Moundridge, KS

Felice will demonstrate how wheat is woven and Clyde will demonstrate spinning. They will have many of their lovely items for sale including wall hangings, jewelry and Christmas ornaments.

In the Children’s Small Tent:

Shelling and Grinding Corn
Dick & Patty Holroyd
Parsons, KS

Dick and Patty will be shelling corn with a John Deere corn sheller. Then the corn will be ground into chicken feed and cornmeal using their family grist mill. Come give it a try!

Rope Making
Roy Parsons
McCune, KS

Roy should win the award for the hardest working man at Katy Days (well, the Gandy Dancers might give him a run for his money…). He has a hand-cranked rope-making machine and spends all day Saturday helping children make a souvenir length of rope. He is found at Kid’s Crossing in the small tent.

Pecan Cracking
Marvin McKinney
Parsons, KS

Marvin can do it all - and has brought his 1940’s Maytag wringer washing machine for many years for kids to try their hand at washing like their great grandmother did. This year, he will be cracking pecans. Stop by and have the pleasure of a satisfying “CRACK” - and then you can pick out and eat the nut inside.

Throwing Pots on a Wheel
Benjamin & Caleb Newton
Parsons, KS

Twins Benjamin and Caleb have enjoyed creating clay artwork from an early age and discovered the potter’s wheel at age seventeen. They love encouraging creativity and want to do so at Katy days. THey will have two potter’s wheels available for children to try and will be alongside to show them the ropes. Come give it a try!